Hello to our new friends and hello, to the friends we already know. We have a giveaway for you!

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“Ever consider what pets must think of us? I mean, here we come back from a grocery store with the most amazing haul – chicken, pork, half a cow. They must think we’re the greatest hunters on earth!” ~Anne Tyler, The Accidental Tourist~


Hi everyone!

We have new friends who are coming here just to give purrrs to us, Miss Bell and Sele. We found a group of cats who also have blogs from the “Cat Blogosphere.”

We’re going to tell you a little bit about what it takes to be a witch’s kitty. First, don’t be scared about witch’s. At least, not the kind our mommy is. So, many humans think that being a witch means doing cruel things to other animals (gasp! never!), or praying to some silly thing with horns and a forked tail called a “devil”, (we think that’s the name of the thing), or cursing other humans. Why would anyone want to do that?

Witch’s who have “familiars” (that means they have animal friends helping them purform magic) are smart because we animals (and we don’t just mean cats) know that we have a special relationship to the earth. At least our mommy does and sometime we’ll tell you all about how our mommy asks for our help. But today, we just want to show you, how hard it is to be a “familiar.”

I’m Sele (rhymes with “belly”0, and I’m the one who makes sure that my mommy goes into her Zen cat like state. She has to concentrate about important stuff, like I do. See, here I’m thinking about all the treats our mommy gives us after we’re done with magick. That’s the best part!

Sele focusing

I’m Miss Bella, or “the diva” which is what our mom calls me, whatever that means! My job is to make sure nothing or no one interrupts our mom as she calls upon the great cat goddess, Bastet, for protection and asks for blessings. If you don’t know who Bastet is, you can look here, but we’ll also be talking sometime about how our mom works with her. We dream about Bastet often and she tells us what good kitties we are and how it’s very important to keep away all bad things from hurting our mom. Every witch who has a familiar, works differently with them, but we’re just showing you a few ways that our mom does.

Bella watching out

When our mom calls upon the great one, Bastet, she always makes sure that she asks for all animals to be protected and safe, even for our wilder cousins like lions, tigers and other big fur kitties. And of course for dogs, wolves and the list goes on and on. By this time, we start getting bored and mom knows we’re done helping her.

See how it exhausts me! I sez, “Mommy, I can’t do no more magick…time for the treats now, please!”

Sele worn out

My sister Miss Bella just quits…just like this. She gets more impatient with our mom.

I’m yawning here, because I’m bored, not tired like my sister, Sele gets…I never get tired, just bored, enuff mom, already!

Enuff mom!

I eat my treat really quickly because maybe mom will think that I lost it somehow and she’ll give me another one. But, that hasn’t worked so far. Maybe it’s the magick she does?

Sele eating treat

And because my sister, Sele is greedy, I bring my treat up onto mom’s bed, so that I can keep an eye out on Sele to make sure she doesn’t try to steal my treat. I is one smart kitty!

Bella guarding treat

In case you’re wondering what these treats are, they are our absolute favorites!!! We looked at the box they came in, in case we can buy a secret stash for ourselves and they’re called; “Liv a Little Chicken Treats” by some people who work in a company called “Halo.”

So, now our new friends now a little about what we do to help our mommy to use magick. And for those of you who are our friends already, we just wanted to make sure you knew how special we are! But, you probably already knew that.

We both decided that we want to have a giveaway for our friends, both new and old. Our mom likes to have giveaways here, but we do too, so this is what one lucky fur friend will win. We picked this very carefully.

Mom found an artist who obviously loves animals and does beautiful art! Her name is “SteelGoddess” and you can see her art here. What some lucky fur friend will win, is this gorgeous print which is called “Hecate (who’s another Goddess mom works with to protect us) Pet Blessing.” Isn’t it purrfect?

Hecates pet blessing


And with this print comes an actual spell that your human can do (no bad stuff) to help protect and bless you! See?

Pet Blessing Page Our mom has one of these for us, but who ever wins, will get a brand new one…AND also for our giveaway, our mom because she loves animals so much will donate some money to a bunch of people who help kitties, known as “feral” kitties. They do all kinds of important things to help our wild friends stay safe. You can read more about them here.

So, what do you have to do to win our giveaway?

Well, you have to be a pet. A dog, a cat, a lizard (although we probably like to hunt you down), any type of pet. And we want to get to know you more, so please leave in a comment for this post a little something about yourself. Whatever you want to tell us.

Just leave your name, not your humans name in a comment with what you want to tell us and then on Friday, March 18th, we’ll help our mom pick one of you.

That’s it!

So, thank you for stopping on by and visiting us. If you want to see all the other cool cats on the “Cat Blogosphere” site you can click here or click on the image in mom’s sidebar on her blog. And we’ll also be telling you soon about dog sites for our doggie friends.

Purrs to all of you,

Miss Bella and Sele


© 2011, Wendy S.. All rights reserved.

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About Wendy S.

I'm slightly "mad" with a good shaking of whimsy thrown in for good measure. When I'm not up, I'm down and sometimes if I'm lucky I'm somewhere in between due largely to having Bipolar Disorder and crazy genes ; ) I'm pagan by nature and witch by choice and I have two very beloved and spoiled feline familiars, Miss Bella and her sister, Sele. Am I a crazy cat lady? I'm an introvert in the "real" world but I love meeting new friends especially in the blogosphere where I've been blessed to meet many of you. Please introduce yourself if you'd like so that we can get to know each other better, especially if you have a blog that I can visit. And thank you for flying the friendly skies of United Broom Stick Airlines with me. Hold onto your hat, it's going to be an interesting ride.
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48 Responses to Hello to our new friends and hello, to the friends we already know. We have a giveaway for you!

  1. avatar Brian says:

    That is such a magical give-away fur sure!!!
    Brian recently posted..Mancat Monday ā€“ Iā€™m Featured on Pet Blogs UnitedMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Hi Brian and all you fabulous felines! Thanks for pawsing here. We are rescue kitties ourselves and so we really appreciate all that you do for us felines.
      Big purrs to you,
      Miss Bella and Sele

  2. Hi Gurlz — Her Royal Highness the cat here. I’ve borrowed my human’s google ID to surf the net this morning and I’m so glad I did! I’d love to enter your giveaway! Your treats look good too. My person doesn’t give me treats and she’s stingy with the gushy food too. But dry prescription kibble — *blecch!* — THAT I’ve got running out of my ears.
    Debra She Who Seeks recently posted..Cats with ThumbsMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Oh your RH, we’re so privileged you stopped by. Hey, come over to our house any time and we’ll be sure to sneak you a few treats. We won’t tell your mother, we promise! But for our kibble, well, we have to eat a special one too, not our favorite, but our mom insists, we empathize.
      Miss Bella and Sele

  3. avatar Leanne says:

    ahh you found the catblogsphere –

    i NEED to introduce you to two of my faves.
    http://everydayvisitor.blogspot.com/ (Mr Puddy)
    http://poppyq.blogspot.com/ (Poppy Q)
    Both these blogs bring a smile to my dial each day.

    Love Leanne

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      I did love those two blogs you mentioned Leanne and Mr. Puddy is one of my favorites. I’d love to exchange the kitty blogs we’ve found. I have some I think you’d love as well. Thanks for telling me about them.

  4. avatar Tea Witch says:

    You two sound like quite the busy felines. My name is Summer and I’m familiar to my human…Tea Witch. I like to camp out on the bed and meditate with my mom while she does her magic. She’s been pretty neglectful of it lately so I’ve been knocking stuff over on her altar so that she pays more attention to it. So far…it hasn’t done much but frustrate her. I also love the smell of incense and like to play with the smoke when mom lights it. I don’t know many other cats who do that. I look forward to reading more of your adventures. I’m off to take a nap in my favorite sun spot.
    Tea Witch recently posted..Its FridayMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Yes, we cats are good Zen Masters or Mistresses as the case may be. Are there any particular incenses prefer? Mom tried to explain to us that cats have different elements that they’re drawn to, much like humans, but we just ignored her. You seem like you are drawn to the air and would be good at thinking and manifesting. Something that we struggle with. Although, Sele loves water and I love the earth, so now you have our mom thinking about cats and magick in a whole new way! Thank you Summer…
      Miss Bella and Sele

  5. Star says, “Hi! I’m StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty. I’m the middle cat of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde and I look like Bella (I’m a Tim). My baby twin sister (from another mother) Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher is a Princess. Our mom isn’t a Witch (she’s Episcopalian) but her daughter Jennifer is a Solitary (Jen’s dad is Pagan).

    Zaphy says, “I’m Zaphoid Beeblebrox. I’m Jennifer’s cat. I’d like to enter the contest because I think she’d like to win that print. Well, and I’d like to see it hanging up myself. Please come visit us!
    Kat & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde recently posted..Rainy WednesdayMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Oh all you gorgeous cats and we love your names. Our mom wasn’t creative enough to come up with such fantastic names as yours. Perhaps you can help her think of such royal titles like yours? Thank you for pawsing here and we so look forward in getting to know all of you.
      Miss Bella and Sele

  6. avatar Danni says:

    Hello ladies!

    We are Misters Molly (don’t make fun) and Chico and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance! Our mom is a friend of your mom’s, Danni, who lives across the country in a warm place where the cardinals enjoy teasing us from the back porch! Molly’s ladylike name came from our parents inexperience with baby kitties and listening to other humans tell them I was a girl – one day they noticed something *extra* and realized the error but it was too late, I already knew my name and no good boy names rhyme with Molly. *sigh*

    Our mom doesn’t let us help with magic very often as we are both impatient and would much prefer to snuggle then actually help! I, Molly, enjoy crawling onto mom’s lap while she tries to meditate and show her I love her by headbutting her and Chico thinks tarot cards look like good things to steal and hide in his secret spot. We’re trouble makers for sure, but mommy loves us anyway.

    I was sure nice meeting you! Paws and purrs,
    Molly and Chico
    Danni recently posted..Springing upMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Actually, moi, Miss Bella if I’m annoyed and don’t feel like assisting my mother swats at her sometimes. You both sound like our kind of kitties, with getting in trouble. Except me, Sele, I’m not a naughty kitty like my sister, and I get overly exhausted with magick. I do like to play with tarot cards too and so that’s my specialty. And we think it’s wonderful that you Misters Molly have such an exotic name, it keeps everyone guessing ; ) Thanks for taking a paws with us.
      Miss Bella and Sele

  7. Sele you looks so much like Whiskers. Socks & Mommy can’t get over the resemblance. The rest of us didn’t have the chance to know him as he was already at the Rainbow Bridge when we came to live here.

    We are all mighty lizard hunters even Fenris. Mommy named Fenris after Loki’s eldest son. We loves mythology.

    Mommy knows a very nice witch. She gave Mommy a spell to find lost things.

    What a wonderful giveaway. Mommy would like to learn more about being a witch. We thinks she would make a good one.

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      We can tell that we would all get along purringly! And you know that being a witch, well, it’s just a matter of believing in magick and then purring your intentions to the universe. Our mom LOVES mythology too and our mothers must talk more. Our mom used to have a Siamese kitty named “Loki” when she was a little girl. Her mommy taught her all about mythology. We’d love to hunt lizards with you. We can’t understand why mom doesn’t like to bat them around so much when we give them to her as presents. Silly humans..
      Miss Bella and Sele

  8. avatar Fuzzy Tales says:

    We just found you via the Cat Blogosphere and came to say hello!

    Your give-away is lovely…Not sure if Canadian kitties can enter, though. Even if not, we’ll let you know that we’re two shelter adoptees, both short-haired tabbies, Nicki and Derry, who live with their human “mom” in southeastern Ontario. Sadly, we recently lost Annie, who was the senior kitty in the house. The mom’s still struggling with that and with an issue around Derry right now too.

    We’re pleased to meet you, however, and will be back to check on you both!
    Fuzzy Tales recently posted..Taking a Brief BreakMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      We’s SO sorry you had to say goodbye to Annie, our mom gets so sad when she has to say goodbye to a kitty who owned her. And of course you can enter. Especially because mom once visited Canada, B.C. and loved it. We love meeting new friends and are so glad you stopped by, thank you!
      Miss Bella and Sele

  9. Hi, Miss Bella and Sele, from Anne Bonny & Mary Read, the Pirate Girls. Always glad to see two more (mostly) black kitties joining the CB. You’re gonna love it here.
    Lee County Clowder recently posted..Love and a kittieMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      We’s LOVE pirate kitties. And our mom went to Ireland to see where Grace O’Malley lived. It’s so nice to meet you, esp. black (mostly ; ) ones. Thank you for pawsing on by.
      Miss Bella and Sele

  10. Hi Sele, Welcome to the blogosphere! I love your wand mousie thing, with the fairy dust falling off it!
    Freya & Teego recently posted..The face of GodMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Hi Freya, beautiful cat goddess of love! We love looking at the sparkles that come down when our moms on the computer. And our mommy reads your blog all the time. She thinks Bengals are so beautiful. Thanks for pawsing on by!
      Miss Bella and Sele

  11. avatar chrissy says:

    My name is Kalei and I am a dilute tortie…tho my mama was told I was a dilute calico… my tortie markings didn’t come in till i was a few months old and that surprised my mom… I also have a Persian face- that’s what the vet said… yep I have that teddy bear face… My mom taught me to nudge my head against hers, she does lolthat to me whenever she shows affection.. I do it to let her know “I AM HUNGRY!”

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      We’s seen you Kalei and think you’s beautiful! We love it when your mommy takes pictures of you. We’s gonna try to butt our heads against moms to show her we’s hungry but usually, me, Miss Bella swats mom when she’s hungry.

  12. We just discovered yoo via The Cat Blogosphere. The mom got so excited to see more wicca/witch beans around.

    There is so many of us here – Molly who is really a grumpy, small girl who tattles on us sometimes. Shadow, Molly’s brother, a chocolate brown polydactyly who is kinda quiet but furry big. There is also, Mooch, shes noo here, she use to be a stray kitteh. Mooch LOVES the big male guy here so much, she rolls on her back and gives belleh. I is Jake is a woofie, he likes to fink he is a cat though. I am Sir Trooder Lioncourt. I was adopted after MY mom lost her soul kitteh TT. I am a handicapable kitteh with lots of love and purrs to give.
    The Misadventures of Me recently posted..Frootbat Friday on SaturdayMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Yayyy, for witch’s and their kittehs! Our mommy went to visit your blog and loved it. She says she’s “waiting” to have a new sibling to add to our house someday and a woofer too, but we’s gonna protest it. We’s all looking forward to making friends with you, and the woofer, although we’d probably hiss at him first.
      Thank you so much for stopping on by and introducing yourself, Sir Trooder Lioncourt (what a fantastically feline name, sounds like a name that the man T.S. Eliot would approve of!
      Miss Bella and Sele

  13. Hi Sele & Bella:) Our Mama let us type this message so that we could say hello…we’re new brother’s. I lived with mama and Piper with Daddy until we all moved in together about 1.5 months ago! It’s been purrfectly crazy at our house now! I like to sleep most of the day while Piper is young and crazy and is always stalking me and jumping on me and swatting at me. I try to ignore his kittenish antics but they get on my nerves and then I have to hiss and growl at him. We think that this spell might be the purrfect solution to our disagreements!
    Milo & Piper via Mama’s ID recently posted..Thankful Thursday ā€“ Week FiveMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Siblings are a tricky thing aren’t they. We’s get along because we’s only know each other and no other kittehs, but mom we know someday will bring another kitteh home, which of course we’re not gonna like and we’ll hiss at too. Our mom knows some good “homeopathic” flower remedies that might help Piper to leave you alone. There’s no effects to make him feel bad and it won’t hurt him in any way! Our mommy will talk to your mommy and let her know all about it. Thank you so much for pawsing on by.
      Miss Bella and Sele

  14. Nice to meet you! That looks like a very nice giveaway!

    We are Junior, a flame point Siamese, and Orion, a orange tabby. Meowm aopted Junior from Rocky MOuntain Siamese Rescue, and Orion was wandering around outside at a job Meowm worked.

    We love treats!!! We haven’t had those that you get though. We will have to get Mewom to get some for us to try out!
    Junior and Orion recently posted..Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Oh we know that you flame points are beautiful…Our mommy has been owned by Siamese kitties before and loves them. And yes, be sure to convince your mommy to buy you the treats we love. They’re all healthy, mom says, but that’s not why we loves them so much…It’s so nice for you to stop by and introduce you and your siblings, thank you…
      Miss Bella and Sele

  15. avatar The Crew says:

    Well hello girls, and welcome to our cat blogging community.

    George, Tipper, Max & Misty
    The Crew

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Hi everyone! We’s so excited to be making new kitteh friends. Thank you for stopping on by and saying “hi.” We are looking forward to getting to know all of you.
      Miss Bella and Sele

  16. avatar Fiona's gang says:

    As the eldest girl of the whitehead clan I’m going to introduce us all to you – I’m Megan – top dog er I mean cat at the grand old age of 12 – we did have Felix but he passed on to that great cat basket in the sky last year and he was 17! I’m a tortoiseshell and I don’t like to do anything other than sleep, oh and eat. Why I’m not enough for my great owner I have no idea but I share the household (though not my bed) with Pepper a smokey grey tom who is 2 and our newest recruit who was a rescue called Oscar – he’s black and white. Oscar and Pepper are great pals – but I just ignore them. On top of having to share with these two I also have to dogs, ahem fur ball – yes I said dogs in the house – Tara is the old girl at age 11 and I can just about put up with her because we’ve been together for years – and there is a new kid on the block – Tegan age 16 months – they are both Welsh springer spaniels – both mad but I put them in their place. Mum has pictures of us dotted about her blog – i don’t get on there as much because I don’t do anything – but I can purr really loudly.
    Fiona’s gang recently posted..Talking TeaMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Oh my catness, our mom would love to have so many kitties and a woofer in our house, but we protest all the time! And purring loudly is a notable gift to have. Our purrs are more quiet, but our mom loves purring kitties. Thank you so much for pawsing by and introducing yourself. We’s both look forward in getting to know all of you and our mom loves your blog!
      Miss Bella and Sele

  17. avatar Faerie Sage says:

    Purrfectly pleased to meet you Stele & Miss Bella. I am Sherie a Hawaiian Cat. I live in Canada now but I first found my Human in Hawaii. I wandered into their strange human house, but found this wonderful man-male to be my human. Later on when my human got restless we moved to Canada so that I could have more space to play in the trees and wilderness. Currently I provide my human with a little house, which is in my garden next to my pond. The house is quite nice and I can sleep on the roof in the sun or on the nice bed in the human house if its raining or snowing outside. I make sure that my human provides me with good meat and often tuna. My man Human has a lady, whom I quite like, she makes sure I get my meals on time and she lets me sleep curled up between her legs where I am right now. I often prowl around faerie Sage’s kitchen at night and keep it safe from mice and rats, I also check in on my humans in their little house at night through what they call the ‘sky-light’ at night to make sure they are safe and sleeping.
    So pleased to meet you and continue your wonderful blog, it is so nice to see another cat out there taking rightful credit for their work!
    Purrrrs & Love

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Oh Sherie, you’re so kind to be such a loving kitty to your humans. You have a pond, your very own? We want one! We used to have one but the fishies got ate, we didn’t do it though. You have such loving humans, we (our mom included) wished we lived closer so we could all play together. Purrrs to you,
      Miss Bella and Sele

  18. avatar Theresa says:

    Hello there! This is Willow and Neo. We’re two wild and lovable keeshonds. We’re dogs not cats. But we LOVE cats. Honestly and truly. They are our friends. We enjoyed meeting you. We JUST came to say hello – our mom has already won one of your lovely giveaways. But we had to say hello after such a purr-fect introduction to you both. Take care – we have to go and bug mom right now!

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      We’s like woofers and our mommy keeps telling us that one day, we’re going to get one, but we told her, if she does, we’re going on a strike. We bet you’re lovely though.
      Miss Bella and Sele

  19. avatar Susan G says:

    early morning greetings Miss Bella and Sele, you remember me; Pretty, i am the one being forced to allow the cousin cat to share my home and humans. Yes, Caesar is big and solid and pale orange and white, with thumbs on his front paws. he actually makes Fists, my mom says! Sometimes I get scolded for hissing at him, cause mom says he is just wanting to play, yet I do not trust him, a few times he has jumped me and bitten my back. Mommy gets very angry with him, when she sees him in what she calls attack mode. She scolds him, and sometimes thumps his nose, once she swatted him in the back end, cause she saw him bite me, and my fur was in his mouth as evidence! They weren’t letting him outside when his owner was here, except for when he snuck out, because he needs his shots yet. but now mom and even the dad let him out because he annoys them, and I like it! Even if we are outside together there is enough room for me to be able to stay away from him. I like his bigger brother though; Pico. Pico is a canine mutt. Mom thinks he may have some pit bull in him, by his bone structure and walk. Who cares, isn’t it nap time yet? My mommy is generous with treats, but we have never seen the ones you have. My mommy is a very new witch, and has much to learn, so your giveaway would be good for me, maybe I can help her learn more.

    Can you feel me rubbing against you?? that’s a little NJ kitty hug, Caesar is showing his thumbs…show off!
    well, he can almost open the door, so I’ll give him credit for that.
    Purrs and meows from us cousins (he’s the crazy one)
    Pretty and Caesar…Oh and Pico too, woof!

    ps…our, er um my mommy(Sue) šŸ˜› says to give your mommy a hug from her
    Susan G recently posted..Winner- Winner Chicken DinnerBunny hop day 2day 1-no winner- butMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      What a household you must have. We think that you run the house, Pretty even if Ceasar tries to rule. Don’t back down. It sounds like your human adores you which is how it should be. And a woofer of your very own? We’ll tell our mommy to blog more about kitties and magick, and we bet your mommy witch will be flying with you in no time!
      Purrrs to you and maybe to Caesar if he obeys…
      Miss Bella and Sele

  20. avatar Jeanne Gripp says:

    Greetings Ladies! Just had to pop in to say “HI”. Your giveaway is wonderful! But because Me (and my brothers and sisters) is most blessed with a loving Mommy & Daddy, Me don’t want to enter your giveaway. Me just wanted to stop by and say “HI”. And good luck to everyone! Purrzz and Catnip Dreams! Gomez
    Jeanne Gripp recently posted..Cherokee Soap FactoryMy Profile

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Hi Gomez,
      You know we think you’re absolutely purrrfect and we can’t wait to see your post tomorrow. We know your mommy loves you very much and why shouldn’t she? You’re one handsome and intelligent kitty.
      Purrs back to you,
      Miss Bella and Sele

  21. Hello. It’s always great to meet new kitties! We can’t wait to learn more about you and your magick.
    The Paw Relations recently posted..Mancat Monday – BirdiesMy Profile

  22. avatar Suzie says:

    Meoooooooowwwwww!!! I just wrote out my story, (hard to do with these hairy toes) and got a message that the CAPTCHA code (whatever THAT is. .I’m a baby kitty, and don’t know about these things), and my whole long story disappeared!

    I have to go take a little snooze, then rethink this through. It was exhausting!

    Sophie, girl kitty

    • avatar Wendy S. says:

      Oh Sophie,
      We’s so sorry that your comment was lost. Mommy gets lots of weird comments which is why she has the anti spam code. Mommy’s going to write a post about she learned how to save comments when they disappear, sigh…thank you for visiting us though. We know it took you a lot of effort to comment on our post. We’s heading on over to visit you now!
      Miss Bella and Sele

  23. Although me is on the Cat Blogoshere, me found you through our friend Jeanne at the HIVE! Gomez did a Cat Tails Post today!
    Me was surprised that your Sele looks just like my Kozmo!!! (he’s doing Man Cat Monday today).
    Me will be a follower now!
    PS – me would probably hunt lizards too!
    Penelope – The Cat From Hell recently posted..Man Cat Monday 3My Profile

  24. avatar Suzie says:

    Ok. . I had my snooze in the sun, and my brother woke me up, so I’m going to try this again. .

    Purrs, and Head Butts to you Miss Bella and to you too, Sele!

    How nice of you to have a give-away. I would love to be able to win it for my Mama. She’s funny though. She cries when she is happy too, and gets my fur all wet! Yuck! I try not to mind too much.

    My name is Sophie. Sophie Fiona to be exact,and by human standards, I’m still a baby, not even a year old. My Birfday is on May 1st, something my human Mama calls Beltane, and says that it is very good day to be born. That my brothers and I are very special kitties!

    My kitty Mama, Fiona started living in my human’s garage during the winter. She was what they call a feral kitty, never letting them near her, but she enjoyed her heated pad, and heated water bowl, along with her meals brought out to her several times a day. With the convenience of her indoor potty box, she never had to venture out through the cat door to the cold world outside.

    Then one morning, my human Mama came out to find a surprise! There we were. .all four of us, snuggled in underneath my furry Mama, in a huge potting urn, half filled with clean peat/potting soil. My human Mama tried putting us in a soft, clean bed, but my kitty Mama kept putting us back. I felt like a yoyo! So my human Mama let us be.

    But my furry Mama must have felt she could trust my humans to take care of us though, because she was sick. They couldn’t tell, but inside her, she was sick, and she suddenly took a turn for the worse, Traveling On to the Rainbow Bridge before they reached the kitty doctor.

    On Mother’s Day, my Mama brought my 3 brothers and me inside. She put us on a big fluffy towel, with a warming pad for kitties underneath it, and covered our kennel with a nice blankie. She fed us with an eye dropper until we got the hang of drinking from a bottle made for kittens, sleeping on the sofa so that she would hear us when we woke up to eat. She cleaned our faces, rubbed our fur with a cloth, like our Kitty Mama’s tongue, and patted my toushie with a warm wet cloth to help me go potty (I didn’t like that part too much!) I didn’t even have my eyes open yet, but I knew it was her by her smell and her touch. And as soon as I could figure out how, I started purring whenever I would feel her near me.

    When we were 14 weeks old, two of my brothers went to live with my Mama’s daughter. She already has 4 kitties and 3 doggies, so they went to a home where they are well loved. Mama said that she knew that they were going to be fine, and that she could see them often, but still cried when they left. Silly Mama! I was kind of glad to see them go, because they were starting to play a little too rough with me! My other brother, Wyatt, stayed with me, and my Daddy can’t tell us apart! Wyatt is bigger, but we are both very sleek black kitties, with long tails and the same white markings on our tummies, just like our Kitty Mama!

    When it came time for my humans to know what to name us, my Mama said that we would let them know when they guessed the right name. Then she looked at me, and said that I looked like my name was Sophie! She guessed it on the first try, and I let out a little joyful “MEEP”! That made my Mama smile. She then added Fiona as my middle name in honor of my furry Mama. That made me extra happy. So now when she calls me, Sooph-fie. .I still call back with a “MEEP”, then go running to her. She scoops me up and cuddles me, and tells me how much she loves me, which makes me purr a LOT!

    Now, my big sister, Mysti, who will be 10 years old this year, has been telling me all of the stories of the other kitties that live here too. All of them have been rescued from the dangerous outdoors. Some of them have special problems, but my humans brought them in, and takes good care of them too. We are all indoor kitties.

    Mysti (her name is Mystical) has a special relationship with Mama. She is very in tune with Mama, and always knows when she needs her by her side. She also talks to Mama all of the time, telling her all of the naughty things that the boy kitties do. I am usually too busy playing to pay much attention, like Mysti does, but I feel really close to my Mama too.

    And on Labor Day, Mama heard a new kitty cry outside, and went out to find a beautiful Siamese, with gorgeous huge blue eyes. No one claimed her, so Jasmine moved in too. Now we three girls kinda hang together against those silly boy kitties who sometimes think that they can bully us. .but no one messes with Mysti! When she fluffs out her long dark gray fur, she looks mean!

    I love my home, and my humans. I never knew that other kitties didn’t have the same life until Punkin’ Kitty, who spent years outside, and was a Feral kitty, told me scary stories. He has lots of scars to prove them. But he couldn’t resist my human’s love, and is now what Mama calls a lap kitty. He and some of the other boys have a routine for sharing Daddy’s lap.

    So that is my life up to now. I’m sorry for going on so long, but being the youngest and smallest, I never get to say all that I want to say.

    And I have to say too, that this internet stuff is fun, except when my message disappears, that is. .I might have to ask Mama if she will help me make a blog! Then I can post all kinds of kitty things!

    It was nice to meet you Miss Bella and Sele. I’ll be back to visit again.

    Girl Kitty

  25. avatar Domino says:

    Well Hello you lovely ladies, My name is Domino or i think thats what my humans call me anyway. I live with 3 mummy, daddy, my human brother and 2 other cats (altho I am the nicest one of course) Its my job to wake the humans up each morning, if it wasnt for me they would just lounge about in bed all day but i make sure they get moving by playing them a nice tune on the bed with my claws, its often followed by a lot of shouting from them but then i am musically talented you know. Its also coz I wants my brekkie.
    I have my own chair with a very comfy blanket but I must admit that the back of the humans swivel chair or the spare bed is always more appealing. For some reason I am not best mates with the other two cats i live with, dont know why as i try to be friends by biting their bums and pouncing on them from behind the chair, whats wrong with that?
    I’m also a skilled athlete by the way. Occasionally mummy will play bat and ball with me, i love this game it gets me all fired up, she throws a screwed up ball of paper or foil towards my paws and i bat it back. She runs and get s it and we do it all over again. I try to make her work as hard as i can, after all she needs her exercise as much as me.
    Well thats enough from me ladies, I hope we can get to know each other better in the future. Meeeeeeowww

    Dom x
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  26. avatar Mr. Meow says:

    Using this thing is always a challenge for my big paws, but when I saw what you were giving away – I had to enter! My human Mom, Leila, is afraid for my safety everyday, so, I think that blessing and protective spell to use on me would make her feel better. I think the pretty picture would make her smile too, since it would remind her of us (I’m all black and she has brown hair). We take care of each other, so I’d really like to surprise her with this giveaway! Thank you Miss Bella and Sele!
    P.S. Miss Bella, I think you are really pretty. šŸ˜‰ Meowr!

  27. avatar Tea Witch says:

    Hello again…Summer here. Mom just got your email response to my comment and here I am again patting the keys for her. My favorite type of incense is Mom’s Sandalwood. I love the smell of it…it smells something like sun baked dirt to me. Mom’s opium incense is ok too…not one of my favorites though. Mom loves one type called Nag Champa…sounds like she’s sneezing when she says it. I can’t stand that one and I leave the room when she burns it. There are others that she burns but she has way too many packages and I don’t read all that well. Well…it’s time for me to get Mom to bed….she’s been up way too long today.

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