The Uncertainty of Life

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Peace is

I don’t know why I’ve been so resistant to blogging lately. I guess my mind and world are changing so much that focusing and sitting down to actually writing something seems to take on a Herculean effort even though that’s of my own making. And change will be a large part of my life the next six months, that’s unavoidable. I promised the Universe that I’d blog about intuition vs. fear if I got the apartment and I did get the apartment!

I tell you, the day that I was accepted was full of hand wringing and gnashing my teeth because there was so much ridiculousness over whether I could pay my rent or not. Fear really kicked on overdrive inside of me and the calm voice of intuition saying that “whatever happens, Wendy, you’ll be fine. If not this apartment than something better will appear.”

I have a hard time sitting down with intuition and clarity for a cup of tea when chaos is going on around me. Well, chaos is too strong a word, but uncertainty seems to be playing a number on me. My home is where I feel most secure and I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll be leaving my house within a month, but that still doesn’t mean that I’ve surrendered to the unknowing of everything going on! I’ve accepted that for quite some time now and am looking forward to the change of living somewhere new for the most part. So, now at least I have the security of knowing where I’ll be living for who knows how many years.

When I put out the wish into the world that I find a place “where my cats and I will be happy at and that where we can live a long time at” I didn’t add and ‘may the process be smooth and easy.” Again, when sending out intention into the world for a wish, try to cover all basis’.

Isn’t this what faith is all about though? That calm and sure voice inside that assures us that no matter what happens, it’ll all work out. Quite different from the flidgety voice of hope (at least for me) that weighs everything on some external scale where there’s no guarantee of anything. Give me faith over hope anytime.

I could bore you with the latest struggles over this apartment but I don’t want to give into fear. It has to do with re-carpeting which is rather silly but dealing with managers (not my future landlady whom I adore) is frustrating and demands nothing but patience from me. So, every day I ask the Universe for patience and that authentic voice of faith that says “this too shall pass and everything unfolds exactly as it needs to.”

How do any of you handle uncertainty?

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About Wendy S.

I'm slightly "mad" with a good shaking of whimsy thrown in for good measure. When I'm not up, I'm down and sometimes if I'm lucky I'm somewhere in between due largely to having Bipolar Disorder and crazy genes ; ) I'm pagan by nature and witch by choice and I have two very beloved and spoiled feline familiars, Miss Bella and her sister, Sele. Am I a crazy cat lady? I'm an introvert in the "real" world but I love meeting new friends especially in the blogosphere where I've been blessed to meet many of you. Please introduce yourself if you'd like so that we can get to know each other better, especially if you have a blog that I can visit. And thank you for flying the friendly skies of United Broom Stick Airlines with me. Hold onto your hat, it's going to be an interesting ride.
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5 Responses to The Uncertainty of Life

  1. avatar aine says:

    I think you’re handling very well. Just keep reminding yourself that you will find a way to work everything out – when/if anything happens that requires working out. No one really expects life to go smoothly all the time, but we have to trust that we are capable of dealing with any issues that come along. most of us underestimate our strength and dealing with tough situations proves to make us more confident of our abilities. Try not to worry – move forward and know you can deal with whatever you have to deal with !

  2. I started to write that uncertainty makes me anxious, but that isn’t always the case. I guess the only time it makes me anxious is when I’m not getting any intuitive feelings about a choice or situation. Then I feel like my innards are itchy. If I have a good gut feeling, the not knowing is ok with me. I trust and have faith that what will be will be. Too bad it can’t always be the latter. 😀

  3. Wendy – with each progressive post, while yes, there is still a bit of trepadation, I sense a stronger you. I look forward to the day you are all settled in, kitties snuggled on your lap, and you feel a sense of “home” again. Somehow I think that will be sooner, rather than later!

  4. avatar Lyn says:

    Uncertainty is a difficult thing but I think you just reach a point where you wonder why you’re worrying and wasting energy on something that hasn’t even happened (and might not). I try to change my focus, get some fresh air and just trust that I’m going to be ok.

  5. avatar Stacy says:

    It’s good to hear you sounding so positive and strong! I’m glad you are making your peace with everything that’s going on…and that will help the kitties make theirs.

    How do I handle uncertainty? In the past…badly. I’ve come to hate that gut-churning anxiety that comes with the what-ifs so I’m doing my best not to play that game any longer. It doesn’t do any good, anyway. Not one minute of my worry changes a thing so better to whisper those fears to God and let him take care of it. It’s hard to let go, but the more I practice the better I’m getting at it.

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